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Grand Photos offers a variety of educational opportunities for those interested in photography. Offerings are designed to support individuals at all levels, from novice to experienced photographer. In Studio and virtual classes are free to club members except for occasional classes conducted by invited professionals. Experience our dynamic learning environment that supports skill building, sharing, social interaction, and friendship.


Enhance your skills through hands-on interactive classes, Special Interest Groups (SIGs), or one-on-one assistance through the Club Mentoring Program. Classes are designed to reflect member interests. Explore our robust class offerings and view class photography via the links at right.


Members enjoy full use of Studio facilities including computers with a variety of photo editing software, printers, scanners, mat cutting and photo mounting hardware. Benefit from nominal supply fees when using printers and photo mounting equipment. Join, engage, and explore…


Education Class



The following educational programs are offered for members to develop their skills in photography and image processing. Most courses are taught by volunteer club members who give their time and talents freely. They prepare for their instruction periods so that you may benefit from them. Some classes are presented in a sequence of parts. To gain the maximum benefit from the instruction, class participants should make an effort to follow through and attend each class session as it is scheduled.


This season we ask that you register for classes you plan to attend. This will allow instructors to adequately prepare class materials and available class space. PLEASE NOTE: Classes will be available for registration on the first day of the month preceding the scheduled event date. Prior to the registration opening date, a note in the left hand margin will have the message "Registration is Closed". It does not mean that the event is "Full".


Occasionally, when some classes are posted on the website but are not yet open for registration you may notice that there are already people registered. Why is that? It is because these are registrants who were on the waiting list for an earlier session of that class. Because they were on the waiting list they are pre-registered for the added class prior to the class opening for registration to the general membership.


The waiting lists provide a means to determine demand for a particular topic and serve as a queue to fairly accommodate in the next class those who 'waited in line' for the first class.


To register you will need to be logged into the Grand Photos membership site and then scroll to the class and click on the register button below the class title. Most classes are free; when there is a fee as part of the registration process, you may pay online using a credit card, or you may print out the invoice and take a copy of the invoice along with your payment to the studio and leave it with the monitor.


Upcoming Events
Upcoming Events

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Grand Photos is located in The Grand, an active adult community in Surprise, AZ